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Industrial Relations - Smart production in the manufacturing industry and work organisation: new scenarios for Industrial Relations

Application reference: VP/2015/004 - AGREEMENT NUMBER - VS/2016/0093

Short summary of the action


What is the impact of smart production on work organization, on the quantity and quality of occupation? How can social parts improve industrial relations for a better management of these processes? Partners from 6 countries (IT, BG, UK, PL, PT,ES) will try to answer these questions effectively, creating a 3-phases project. In the 1st one 2 studies will be undertaken:

  • a desk analysis to study the European smart production in the manufacturing industry and the institutional conditions that favors its development, the work organization and employment, industrial relations models;

  • a qualitative analysis aimed at about 100 stakeholders, so to scrutinize different topics, as well as to get ideas for the development of new strategies of industrial relations.

These analysis will be led in several European countries, although the focus will be on the partner countries, which are very different between each other. The project involves the participation of the working council also the work councils of Volkswagen (Portugal) and the representatives of the multinational company Pirelli and Sorin (Italy). The workshop in Barcelona will be held.

3 workshops will be organized during the 2nd phase to acquire new points of view and identify best practices ((Lisbon, Warsaw, Sofia - around 30 participants per each, but the streaming of the event is guaranteed).

During the 3rd phase operational guidelines will be elaborated so to facilitate the management of industrial relations in the smart production, promote the anticipation of change and a more effective management of restructuring.

An 8 hour training will be held for 100 social parts stakeholders in 5 partner countries.

In order to spread the analysis's results many activities are foreseen: a website will be created, a final meeting in Brussels (European and local stakeholders are invited). Finally a public meeting with social parts and public authorities will be organized in Turin after the conclusion of the project.

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Olivetti, Ivrea

Fondazione Pirelli, Milano