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Location: Turin


The first meeting of Smart production and Industrial Relations took place on 18 April 2016 in Turin, Italy and was attended by all project partners. See the Agenda of the meeting attached.

In that occasion a task force have decided, as well as the methodology and tools appropriate for analysing and evaluating will be developed in this first phase.

Two studies will be undertaken on a transnational level and an in-depth analysis will be made on two model/ demonstration experiences on smart production: Volkswagen in Palmela, Portugal and Pirelli (Torino) and Sorin (Vercelli) in Italy. Pirelli and Volkswagen are well known for its high use of robotics, but also for its capacity of adapting the work organization and the new industrial relations. Sorin can be considered a demonstrating/trial experience that distinguished itself in the Piedmont Region for the presence of good industrial relations within the production of electro medical instruments (chemical industry).

Firstly, a desk analysis will be set up to study at a European level the smart production in the manufacturing. Experiences in an important EU countries will be examined, with emphasis on the partner countries. The study will focus in particular on:


  • business strategies related to work organization, safety, protection of workers’ rights, human capital, training, forms of contract, workers' participation in the production process, wages and forms of incentives;
  • experienced and consolidated models of industrial relations;c) the context (institutional and of rules, socio-economic and territorial).
The 2nd study will be conducted through the administration of a semi-structured questionnaire to 100 stakeholders (40 of which will be representatives of companies, 40 trade unionists and 20 other important stakeholders) in order to investigate the most qualitative aspects of the smart factory, identify good practices, acquire suggestions to improve industrial relations.


Agenda Kick Off Turin 2016